CREW Atlanta January 2022 Letter to Membership

January 31, 2022

Dear CREW Atlanta Members,

Welcome to 2022 and CREW Atlanta’s 40th anniversary! We certainly have a lot to celebrate in our 40-year history and will be doing so throughout the year, including a blow-out 40th anniversary celebration this spring. But, it’s not all about the past. We also have so much to look forward to as a chapter, and that is why we chose the theme of 40 Years and Advancing – because our celebration is as much about where we are going as where we have been.

We are fortunate to be in a fantastic position as a chapter thanks to the tireless work and leadership of Past President Greer Gallagher, the entire 2021 board and the committees. CREW Atlanta’s mission of influencing the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievements of women was strengthened through our adoption of a new and updated strategic plan in 2021, and that work continues in 2022. But what makes our chapter different than so many other organizations, is the relationships that are built and the fun that we have while moving our strategy forward – and our 40th anniversary year is going to be a testament to those unique CREW Atlanta qualities.

We have an amazing group of leaders in our 2022 officers, board and committees who have incredible events and programming in the works to ensure we bring timely, informational and inspirational messages for our chapter members. If nothing else, the last two years have taught us to be creative and flexible in our planning, and we are fortunate that we have produced events and formats that will serve us well into the future. In 2022, CREW Atlanta offers a variety of opportunities for our members to engage in events – large, small, live, virtual, educational, social – providing opportunity for everyone.

As we celebrate the legacy that has been created over the last 40 years, we are laying the groundwork for the next 40 years and the 40 years after that. And we are looking forward to each and every member being a part of 40 Years and Advancing year-long celebration!

Happy Anniversary CREW Atlanta!

Ellen Smith
President CREW Atlanta