Innovation – Sustainable – Modern – Social

October 4, 2021
Written by: Lorrie Roy

I recently had the pleasure of touring T3 West Midtown near Atlantic Station guided by the Hines management team. Timber, Transit and Technology are the three words that inspired this concept, bringing this iconic building to reality. Developed by Hines in 2019, this 230,000 sq. ft. building is currently the largest mass timber building in the U.S. T3 is USGBC LEED Certified Silver for Core and Shell Development and has achieved a Platinum Wired Score Certification. Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture (HPA) served as the design architect and DLR Group as the architect of record. Hines served as the construction manager overseeing the development phase. Hines currently provides leasing and property management services for T3.

Realizing Atlanta was quickly becoming a technology epicenter, Hines saw the opportunity for a concept that would meet the expectations of the modern business. Marrying innovation and environmental concerns with people’s need to be socially connected; packaged in an attractive, upbeat and modern workplace with close proximity to the MARTA rail and bus stations, retail and entertainment, T3 meets those needs.

Some little-known facts: T3’s structural system, including the beams, columns, and floor panels, is made up entirely of heavy timber from the ground floor up. The Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) panels are sourced from a combination of spruce, pine, and fir trees from the West Coast (Northern California into British Columbia). The Glued Laminated Timber (glulam) columns and beams are sourced from spruce trees in Austria. T3 is also composed of a large portion of “Beetle kill wood”, also known as “dead standing timber.” It is very sustainable practice to use this wood that would otherwise fall dead after five years and be kindling to fuel forest fire.

The wooden structure at T3 West Midtown will store an estimated 2,724 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of taking 794 cars off the road. The timber within the building absorbs CO2 emissions and lessens the building’s environmental footprint during the construction process and throughout the building’s lifetime. For reference, 1 cubic meter of wood will store 1 Ton of CO2. By using wood, we are storing carbon versus emitting it during the production of the building materials.

This article would not be complete without the mention of the Hines team responsible for daily operations. (pictured below from top left to right)

Laura Campbell, Property Manager
Victoria McKinney, Administrative Assistant
David Illas, Lead Engineer
Tyesha Mangum, Director of Security with Chesley Brown (not pictured)





I had the chance to speak with Laura Campbell and get to know more about her. She is an eight-year CRE veteran that has had the pleasure of working on some of the most prominent buildings in Atlanta (One Atlantic Center, Atlanta Financial Center, 1180 Peachtree) with some of the most distinguished professionals in the field.

As Property Manager for T3, I asked Laura what her favorite aspects of the building were as well as what her current and potential tenants may find appealing: “The heavy timber beams, columns and floor panels make T3 particularly unique. I love that a first-generation space is beautiful without any upgrades. The timber provides an organic aesthetic that allows the space to shine. The T3 timber and concrete floors provide much more character than the traditional carpet and ceiling tiles.

T3 West Midtown has exceptional amenity space. My favorites are the social collaboration space and the rooftop terrace. Both amenity spaces are beautifully and thoughtfully designed, they’re truly inspiring!”

When asked what inspires and motivates Laura, she said, "I am motivated by the people around me – our tenants, my colleagues and teammates. Together, we collaborate and create a hospitable, fun, and professional space for our tenants and guests. Our tenants and visitors galvanize and bring our space to life.”

What do you enjoy most about CRE? “The Commercial Real Estate industry has a diverse range of opportunities, which has allowed me to meet and work with many different people. Every day offers something new.”